ChromeOS 120 Release Notes

Stable Channel LTS

Released to stable on January 4, 2024

ChromeOS 120 reached stable release on January 4, 2024, introducing a new method of managing virtual disks and deprecating support for legacy ChromeOS media containers and codecs.

Quickly manage virtual disks with the Bento Button

ChromeOS 120 introduces fast access to operations such as desk visualization, desk switching, desk creation, and desk ordering via a new shelf button. The ChromeOS Virtual Desk Button (“Bento Button”) is now available for all users who utilize virtual desks.

Deprecation of support for legacy ChromeOS media containers and codecs

ChromeOS 120 deprecates support for MPEG4 Part 2 video codec and AVI container. You can temporarily re-enable support for this functionality using chrome://flags/#cros-legacy-media-formats until ChromeOS 125, after which support will be removed.

Also released in ChromeOS 120

You now have more options for configuring your on-screen, keyboard, mouse, and emoji experiences on ChromeOS. ChromeOS 120 included the following changes:

Disable and adjust mouse scroll acceleration

ChromeOS 120 adds new controls to let users disable mouse scroll acceleration and adjust scroll speed.

Configure and customize keyboard keys

Configure settings for actions such as right-click, home, end, and page up in the Customize keyboard keys subpage.

Resize PiP with pinch

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) windows can now be resized with a pinch gesture. Place two fingers on the window and pinch or spread to adjust the window size to your screen.

New look for the Emoji Picker

ChromeOS 120 brings a new dynamic color palette to the floating Emoji and GIF Picker.

Enable XDR Authentication Events

Authentication events (login/out lock/unlock) can now be enabled as part of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) on ChromeOS. Once rollout is complete, XDR systems will be able to use these events to provide insights on the device security posture.

View App Details in App Managemen

Get details about installed apps. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Manage your apps, select an app to view the app’s storage usage, version number, and information about how it was installed.

New or updated ChromeOS policies in the Admin console

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