Education apps on ChromeOS

Chromebooks are the number one device in K-12 education globally with 50 million students and educators using them worldwide to create, collaborate and communicate [1]. ChromeOS brings this exciting opportunity to developers by offering a unique environment that joins the power of the Web and Android on a single desktop.

If you’re building for education, you can develop Progressive Web Apps⁠ (PWA) on ChromeOS and deliver advanced user experiences with an ever-expanding number of web APIs⁠. ChromeOS also allows you to extend browser capabilities even further using the powerful APIs available to Chrome extensions⁠. Alternatively, you can optimize your existing Android app⁠ for Chromebooks with large screens. Because Web and Android are at the core of ChromeOS, PWAs and Android apps can be installed, pinned to the shelf, and found in the launcher, making them available at your user’s fingertips.

Chromebooks in schools are often enrolled in enterprise management. Enterprise enrolled devices enable exclusive modes such as ChromeOS Kiosk, which provides a special environment for use cases such as secure testing. In addition, because Chromebook users are already signed into Google Workspace⁠, you can seamlessly integrate your app with the ChromeOS desktop by adding Google services into your apps, such as Google Sign-in and Google Drive.

Education developer content is constantly evolving, so check back in for new updates and the latest technical documentation.

  1. Source: Google Internal Data, January 2022


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