ChromeOS 111 Release Notes

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Released to stable on March 9, 2023

ChromeOS 111 is here as of March 9, 2023. Update your devices to the newest version of ChromeOS to enjoy faster pairing with Bluetooth devices, internationalized screencast transcriptions, and refinements for dark/light mode theme colors.

Screencasts: transcribe in multiple languages

From troubleshooting to standups, screencasts⁠ let you work remotely as though you’re in the same office—wherever you are in the world. Now, screencasts can be recorded and transcribed in a wide range of languages including Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, and German.

On ChromeOS devices, speech-to-text transcription is done on-device via SODA⁠. SODA was only available for devices set to ENG-US—so, only English-speaking users in the US could record screencasts. ChromeOS 111 extends recording capabilities to a broader range of languages by integrating Google’s S3 Speech-to-Text API⁠.

Theme color: transition between Dark/Light modes

ChromeOS 111 includes an update to the algorithm that automatically matches your dark/light color theme to your wallpaper. Enjoy improved color aesthetics, readability, and contrast, for a more pleasant and accessible visual experience.

ChromeOS 111 is now available

New ChromeOS releases don’t just add features—they include bug fixes and optimizations that keep ChromeOS stable. You can help by reporting bugs⁠ to the developer community. Under the hood, the new release includes a variety of other improvements to events management, APIs, and UX.

ChromeOS 111 released to beta on February 9 and is currently available as a stable release. To continue getting essential ChromeOS information, sign up for the ChromeOS newsletter.

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