ChromeOS 110 Release Notes

Stable Channel

Released to stable on January 12, 2023

ChromeOS 110 was released for beta on January 12, 2023 and is now starting to roll out to stable. This new iteration of ChromeOS brings with it a number of security fixes, alongside features such as faster parental approvals, enhanced Bluetooth call quality, and improved assistive feedback.

Channel labeling: easily see which channel you’re on

Trying out the latest version of ChromeOS? If you’re on a non-stable channel (such as Beta, Dev, or Canary), you can see which channel you’re on. Channel labeling now appears next to the Battery Icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Channel labeling UI showing the user on Beta with the ChromeOS version they're on.

Clicking on the the Time will open quick settings. There, you’ll see channel labeling, too, with the version you’re on and a button to quickly submit feedback. Clicking on the channel label will take you to a settings screen that includes the ability to change your channel, see your update schedule, and get build details for your device.

Parental approvals: quickly approve blocked websites

Quickly approve blocked websites on your child’s Chromebook without the Family Link App⁠. When blocked from accessing a website, your child can ask you to approve their request in person.

For more details, see Manage your child’s account on Chromebook⁠.

Bluetooth headsets: hold higher quality calls

Sound more natural in calls and conferences when using a Bluetooth headset. Your ChromeOS device now increases call quality by reconstructing the high-frequency audio components that are not transmitted from Bluetooth headsets.

ChromeOS Camera App: automatically detect low storage

Manage your storage more effectively when using the ChromeOS Camera App⁠. Now, if ChromeOS Camera detects that your system storage is running low, it shows a warning message—and stops recording before using all your storage.

Assistive feedback: get predictive, inline assistance

Get the answers you need faster. As you share your problems, concerns, or suggestions through the Google Feedback form⁠, Assistive Feedback returns related help articles to help you self-diagnose your problems.

ChromeOS 110 is available now

ChromeOS 110 hit stable release in early February, bringing with it the above features and a variety of smaller enhancements. Other features include improvements to Select-to-speak⁠ and the ability to view PostScript Printer Description (PPD) information across network printers.

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