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Chromebook, tablet, mobile phone, foldable phone, stylus, and a mouse are shown. The devices with screens show the same image: a mix of colored circles, rounded bars, and lines in red, yellow, blue, and green colors. These objects cycle in unison.
Birds eye view of a wooden desk with a Chromebook and Pixel phone. Two people sit across the table from each other, collaborating.

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Deliver rich, engaging experiences to more people by adapting your Android and web apps for Chromebooks. With a few changes to your existing app, you can reach new audiences on different formats and devices — anytime, anywhere.


YoY Chromebook unit sales growth [1]

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Learn about publishing your apps on the Google Play Store and engage millions of users on Chromebooks.

A Chromebook.
Android Studio running on Chrome OS.
The Terminal app for Linux on Chrome OS.

Bring ideas to life with Linux on Chrome OS

Linux on Chrome OS gives you the power to use a single machine to build and run Android, Web, and Linux apps using your favorite editors, IDES, and world-class devs tools. Just set up Linux on Chrome OS to start building.

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A large-screen app on a laptop showing how specific elements, highlighted in blue, yellow, green, and red, have been adapted from a small-screen app on a phone (the following image).
A small-screen app on a phone with blue and yellow highlighted elements prior to adapting to a large-screen app (the previous image).

Jumpstart your latest project with design resources for Chrome OS

Find everything you need to know about designing your app for and on Chrome OS with app guidelines including information on user experience, visual design, UI components, navigation, fonts, and more.

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Get to know Chromebook

Coming in all shapes and sizes, Chromebooks are speedy, simple, secure, and run Chrome OS.

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An image displaying three Chromebooks. One Samsung Chromebook is folded down. Another Acer Chromebook is folded back as a tablet. The last is open for standard laptop use.