Expand how the world engages with your app.

Tap into millions of users when you bring your apps and games to ChromeOS.

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Unlock the next level of web apps.

Build more powerful experiences with the latest tools and APIs for web built right in.

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Take it to the big screen.

Easily adapt your existing mobile app for large-screen devices to reach more Android users.

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Invite more gamers to play along.

Engage millions of players looking for their next favorite challenge—it's a win win.

Impressively versatile. Exceptionally easy.

Linux is seamlessly built into ChromeOS so you’ll always be ready whenever inspiration hits.

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Grow in good company.

Keep your app—and your audience—growing, across the ChromeOS community.

Active Android users on ChromeOS, tablets, and foldables[1]
Students and educators using Chromebooks worldwide[2]
Desktop PWA installs, YOY[3]
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Google I/O 2024: What’s new in ChromeOS

50M students, 100M web app users, and so much more: our growing commitment to education, enterprise, and development for ChromeOS.

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More for your app or business.

From educational material to optimizing your business, explore everything ChromeOS has to offer.

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Support teams to work smarter

Find helpful apps that make it easy for teams to collaborate and get more done.

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Empower millions of students and educators.

Learn how your app can power learning experiences for 50 million Chromebooks in the classrooms.

Why they build with ChromeOS.

Here's what our community has to say.

Headshot of David Henley

Cloud Stop Motion PWA reached more users in 12 months than our desktop app reached in 10 years!

David Henley CEO, Cloud Stop Motion
Headshot of Shree Bose looking at a breadboard

Piper Make saw a 38% increase in its user base after introducing an offline-enabled, streamlined PWA.

Shree Bose Co-Founder, Piper
Headshot of Sam Edwards

Our ability to closely collaborate with the ChromeOS team has enabled Dropbox to expand our offerings to Chromebooks and provide a seamless user experience.

Sam Edwards Staff Mobile Engineer, Dropbox

Get to know Chromebook

Coming in all shapes and sizes, Chromebooks are speedy, simple, secure, and run ChromeOS.

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Three Chromebooks, a closed Samsung device, an Acer device opened flat in tablet mode, and a Lenovo opened in laptop mode

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Input matters for ChromeOS

ChromeOS Demo Day

Creating a more private internet