ChromeOS 119 Release Notes

Stable Channel

Released to stable on November 14, 2023

ChromeOS 119 reached stable release on November 14, 2023. As of this version of ChromeOS, WebSQL has been deprecated. ChromeOS 119 also brings with it a number of user experience improvements, such as improved access to camera and microphone settings and group tab management.

WebSQL is no longer available as of ChromeOS 119

Chrome 119 removes WebSQL access in all contexts. Access to WebSQL is available until Chrome 123 using the WebSQLAccess⁠ policy, but we recommend that WebSQL users switch to SQLite compiled to WebAssembly.

Manage camera and microphone settings in Privacy Hub

Completely turn off your camera or microphone with a single click. ChromeOS users can now manage their camera and microphone settings across the operating system from one place: Settings > Security and Privacy > Privacy controls.

Save, recall, and sync Tab Groups

You can now organize, save, and recall groups of tabs with Tab Groups. Tab Groups sync between devices to provide a cohesive user experience. You can disable syncing Tab Groups using the SyncTypesListDisabled policy.

Use Drive offline on Chromebook Plus devices

Enterprise users on Chromebook Plus⁠ devices can now make their My Drive section of Google Drive available offline. You can control offline syncing using the DriveFileSyncAvailable enterprise policy.

Also released in ChromeOS 119

ChromeOS 119 adds several features, policies, and templates to improve administrative control, user experience, and security.

DevTools internal errors now report to Chrome internal crash reporting

To improve Chrome’s stability, DevTools internal errors are now reported through Chrome’s existing crash reporting pipeline. This provides visibility into the stability of Chrome DevTools.

UI strings in Chrome shift from “Clear” to “Delete” when destroying data

This GUI improvement is targeted toward improving users’ understanding of the associated effects on their data.

ChromeOS Admin templates introduced

With App Launch Automation, admins can now configure groups of applications, windows and tools that can be launched automatically on startup or on-demand by users throughout their day.

New policy for SharedImages for PPAPI Video Decode

Chrome 119 introduces a new PPAPISharedImagesForVideoDecoderAllowed policy to control the recent refactor for VideoDecoder APIs in PPAPI plugin.

Improved security with hash-prefix real-time lookups

For standard Safe Browsing protection users, visited URLs now have their safety checked in real time instead of against a less frequently updated local list of unsafe URLs. If needed, the feature can be disabled through the policy SafeBrowsingProxiedRealTimeChecksAllowed.

Remove Authorization header upon cross-origin redirect

Prior to Chrome 119, when a cross origin redirect, such as from foo.test to bar.test, happened with an Authorization header, Chrome preserved the Authorization header and bar.test could receive the header. Starting Chrome 119, Chrome removes Authorization headers when cross origin redirects happen.

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