ChromeOS 109 Release Notes

Stable Channel

Released to stable on January 12, 2023

On January 12, 2023, ChromeOS 109 was released to the stable channel. Highlights of this release include prioritized audio device selection, color picker improvements, and an expansion of user satisfaction surveys.

Audio devices

If you use your ChromeOS device in multiple scenarios—such as in the office, school, and home—switching between audio devices just became easier. ChromeOS 109 maintains a priority list of audio devices, ordered by user preference. Activate, plug in, or unplug a headset or speakers, and your ChromeOS device will pull the associated settings.

Color picker improvements

In the ChromeOS color palette dialog, you can now choose between Palette and Custom tabs. Tapping the Custom tab displays a freeform color select tool. Users can also enter a HEX code to choose a specific color.

Happiness tracking

ChromeOS uses Happiness Tracking Surveys (HaTS)⁠ surveys to measure user attitudes and ultimately improve user experiences. In ChromeOS 109, we send an expanded dataset for analysis to the User Metrics Analysis (UMA) server⁠.

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