ChromeOS 106 Release Notes

Stable Channel

Released to stable on September 27, 2022

ChromeOS 106 moved into stable release on September 27, 2022. New features included changes to default link capture behavior, 4-zone RGB keyboard support, and setting persistence for the note pen.

RGB keyboard

Control your RGB keyboard across four defined zones with the Personalization Hub UI. When you click the Rainbow option, the colors will appear across four zones—rather than a per-key rainbow effect. Read more about using keyboard backlighting on supported devices: Use gaming features on your Chromebook⁠.

Newly installed apps will no longer handle links clicked in the browser by default. Links clicked in the browser will now open in the browser, unless the “Opening supported links” setting is enabled within the Settings app.

Note pen

Color and size settings now persist. Customize your pen while writing notes and your customization will persist into a new session. In the note library, your favorite pen settings—such as color or size—will carry into new notes.

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