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Use these badges in your marketing to promote that your app is optimized and available for users to add to their Chromebook.

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Badge requirements

Whenever you are using the badge as provided, never alter it. Never use out-of-date badges, change badge color, or remove or rearrange badge elements. When placing the badge, ensure that:

  • The white badge is used whenever possible as it is our primary badge. The black badge should only be used if you are unable to use the white one.
  • The badge is at least 50dp (density-independent pixels) tall when displayed on a screen (on the web, this is equivalent to 50px) and 0.3in/7.6mm when printed.
  • There is clear space surrounding the badge on all sides equal to three-tenths the height of the badge (15dp for screen, 15px for web, or 0.09in/2.28mm for print).
  • The badge is legible, unobstructed, and unaltered.
  • It is the same size or larger than other similar badges it is placed with (i.e. other application store badges or download buttons).
  • The badge is shown on a solid colored background or a simple background image that does not obscure it.
  • The badge language matches the language of the page it is presented on, whenever possible.

Promotional requirements

When using the badge, ensure that:

  • You are only using it to promote apps available for ChromeOS, the operating system that powers Chromebooks.
  • The appropriate ChromeOS legal attribution is used where there is space in the creative. See the badge generator for localized legal attributions.

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Legal attribution

Chromebook, ChromeOS, and the ChromeOS logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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  <img src="" alt="Add to Chromebook"/>


Text and marketing requirements

Any use of ChromeOS in text in your marketing must be reviewed and approved by the ChromeOS team. When using the ChromeOS name in your marketing or communications, you must also include the following legal attribution (or localized version from the badge generator):

Chromebook, ChromeOS, and the ChromeOS logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Additionally, when mentioning apps that are available for ChromeOS, never say or imply that the app is from Google or endorsed by Google unless you have prior written agreement from us.