Google I/O 2024: What’s new in ChromeOS

50M students, 100M web app users, and so much more: our growing commitment to education, enterprise, and development for ChromeOS.

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ChromeOS news

  1. Leader's Corner

    Building a faster, smarter, Chromebook experience with the best of Google

    ChromeOS will soon be developed on large portions of the Android stack to bring Google AI, innovations, and features faster to users.

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  2. Foundations

    Android’s Bluetooth stack, Fluoride, comes to ChromeOS

    Fluoride comes to ChromeOS! Learn about ChromeOS' migration from Bluez: Project Floss.

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  3. Games

    Play more games on ChromeOS with Game Dashboard

    Introducing Game Dashboard, Game Capture, and Game Controls to the ChromeOS gaming ecosystem.

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  4. Event

    Google I/O 2024: A more secure and productive ChromeOS and Chrome Enterprise

    A year of innovation: ChromeOS and Chrome Enterprise enhances security & collaboration for the modern workplace with ecosystem partners.

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  5. Foundations

    Bluetooth Microphone Super Resolution: Better NBS sound quality through ML

    How we improved Bluetooth microphone audio on older Chromebooks using AI/ML upscaling.

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  6. Foundations

    Extending rootfs space on ChromeOS using DLC

    Use DLCs to distribute features and content to ChromeOS users without compromising system partition space.

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  7. Announcement

    Update to the transition of Chrome extensions to Manifest V3

    To provide a smoother transition phase for developers to update their extensions to Manifest V3, Chrome updated the Manifest V2 sunset timeline.

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  8. Announcement

    Bringing New Input Support to the Desktop AVD

    Learn about Android 13's impacts on the Desktop AVD when testing and optimizing input support for freeform windowing.

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  9. Announcement

    chrome.input.ime deprecation on ChromeOS

    chrome.input.ime is being deprecated and will be removed no earlier than ChromeOS 119.

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  10. Android

    Desktop AVD in pre-launch reports

    Test application stability, performance, accessibility, and security with Desktop AVD in pre-launch reports.

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  11. Google I/O

    What’s new in ChromeOS? Top developer guidance from Google I/O 2023

    Dive into how you can empower schools, businesses, and everyday users by using the latest ChromeOS tools and devices.

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  12. Event

    Google I/O: Building communications and contact center applications for the web

    Learn how modern Web capabilities and Google ChromeOS APIs help to empower communications and contact center developers.

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