Google I/O 2024: What’s new in ChromeOS

50M students, 100M web app users, and so much more: our growing commitment to education, enterprise, and development for ChromeOS.

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ChromeOS news

  1. Games

    Bringing Steam to ChromeOS

    A brief overview of how the world of Steam games is opening up to ChromeOS.

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  2. Web

    Customize how your PWA window launches

    The Launch Handler API lets you choose how your PWA handles all launch triggers, including from in-scope links.

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  3. ChromeOS 100

    Celebrating developers with ChromeOS's 100th release

    As ChromeOS celebrates its 100th release, learn how it grew from running Web Apps to a powerful developer environment.

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  4. Google I/O

    Celebrating ChromeOS 100: Recapping how we’ve grown

    In honor of the 100th stable channel release on ChromeOS, we’ve highlighted some new announcements and the best features for developers to date.

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  5. Web

    Developing Cursive, a PWA for ChromeOS

    Learn about how the Cursive team built a Progressive Web App to offer a snappy note-taking app for Chromebooks.

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  6. Foundations

    ArcVM on ChromeOS: Making Android Runtime more secure

    From creating games that instantly adapt to different devices to making styluses feel just like drawing on paper, here’s a wrap-up of the latest.

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  7. Foundations

    Improving ChromeOS performance with core scheduling

    ChromeOS takes security seriously and CPU security bugs shouldn't slow you down.

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  8. Web

    Piper's Shree Bose helps students fall in love with tech

    In honor of International Women's Day we interviewed Shree Bose, co-founder of Piper.

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  9. Web

    Kapwing’s Julia Enthoven empowers creators and educators

    In honor of International Women's Day, we interviewed Kapwing's CEO, Julia Enthoven on her path to co-founding Kapwing.

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  10. Web

    Powerful apps fueled by the web

    Learn how web developers created powerful PWAs to deliver scalable and engaging experiences for desktop users on ChromeOS.

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  11. Announcement

    Introducing Android Package Signer

    Introducing Android Package Signer Learn about signing Android packages client side in your browser with this new library.

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  12. Web

    ChromeOS.dev Refactor Retrospective

    We've just completed a major refactor of the ChromeOS.dev codebase. This is why we did it and what we learned along the way.

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