Google I/O 2024: What’s new in ChromeOS

50M students, 100M web app users, and so much more: our growing commitment to education, enterprise, and development for ChromeOS.

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ChromeOS news

  1. Event

    Google I/O: Level up! Build great games for large screens

    Large screens, input handling, and distribution—start building and publishing games on ChromeOS.

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  2. Event

    Google I/O: Building for education, 100+ million users

    Connect with one of the largest audiences in the world: students. Build for education on ChromeOS.

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  3. Event

    Google I/O: Developing kiosk apps for ChromeOS

    Discover everything you need to develop a powerful kiosk app, without worrying about app deployment or device management.

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  4. Event

    Google I/O: Unlocking more Chrome Enterprise collaboration opportunities

    A year in review of ChromeOS and Chrome browser in enterprise focusing on new solution areas and third party collaboration opportunities.

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  5. Announcement

    ChromeOS.dev wins three awards in the 2023 Annual Webbys

    Thanks to you, ChromeOS.dev is officially one of the "best of the internet."

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  6. Announcement

    ChromeOS 112 and 113 release notes

    ChromeOS 112 and ChromeOS 113 introduce updates to Screen Capture, screensavers, and security.

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  7. Foundations

    Storage ballooning: a novel solution to layered storage on the Steam VM

    Storage ballooning lets us address data syncing and allocation issues between ChromeOS and the Steam VM.

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  8. Announcement

    LumaFusion brings its award-winning video editing to ChromeOS and Android

    How the LumaTouch devs adapted their professional video editing and effects app, LumaFusion, for larger screens.

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  9. Announcement

    Join us in the ChromeOS developer community on Discord!

    The ChromeOS developer community is now on Discord. Join Google Developers Online to discuss web dev and PWAs, Android, Flutter, games, and publishing.

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  10. Leader's Corner

    Grow your ideas in 2023: Dev guidance and inspiration ChromeOS

    Gear up for success with ChromeOS hardware and software that’s more powerful and secure than ever.

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  11. Games

    Windows games on ChromeOS with Proton

    Discover how Proton and Steam make it possible to play Windows games on ChromeOS.

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  12. Android

    ChromeOS lint rules in Android Studio

    Use lint rules in Android Studio to enhance the experience of building for large screens and ChromeOS.

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