Google I/O 2024: What’s new in ChromeOS

50M students, 100M web app users, and so much more: our growing commitment to education, enterprise, and development for ChromeOS.

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ChromeOS news

  1. Event

    Android Dev Summit 2022: Scale mobile apps to ChromeOS

    Learn how Android devs can offer the best experiences across a variety of form factors by tailoring their apps to ChromeOS and larger screens.

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  2. Announcement

    Announcing LumaFusion beta for ChromeOS

    LumaFusion beta is now available for ChromeOS and Android.

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  3. Event

    Building the future of web apps: PWA Summit 2022

    With talks on PWA foundation, nuts and bolts for practitioners, inspiration from global brands, and improvements to the ecosystem!

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  4. Games

    Steam on Chromebook, now in beta

    Broader availability, improved user experience, and better performance and compatibility.

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  5. Games

    Game controls for Android games

    Play Android touchscreen games with your keyboard on ChromeOS with the new game controls feature.

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  6. Games

    Integrating Steam into ChromeOS

    Steam runs in a virtual machine on ChromeOS, but the user experience needs to be seamless. Here's how we're balancing security and usability.

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  7. Foundations

    ChromeOS's Embedded Controller

    ChromeOS's Embedded Controller What ChromeOS's embedded controller does and how we're updating it to support the community.

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  8. Web

    Features to take full advantage of PWA installation

    Recap the I/O 2022 talk (Making the most of PWA install) and highlights the APIs that can create enhanced experiences for your PWA after installation.

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  9. Google I/O

    Developer tools and highlights from Google I/O 2022

    Find out how ChromeOS is making it easier for developers to build seamless, fast, and engaging app experiences.

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  10. Games

    Improving Vulkan availability with Venus

    We recently launched Venus to enable better native graphics performance for Borealis Steam games, Android ARCVM and other VMs.

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  11. Announcement

    Desktop AVD in Android Studio

    Learn how Desktop AVD in Android Studio helps you validate your Android app’s experience for desktop users on ChromeOS.

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  12. Foundations

    Protecting user data in ChromeOS with passwords

    How the oldest user authentication method, passwords, work with special security hardware to secure user data.

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