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Join us in the ChromeOS developer community on Discord!

Join our fast-growing community of ChromeOS developers in the Google Developers Online Discord server! In Google Developers Online, you can interact with a thriving community of professional developers, Google Developer Experts, and Google Developer Advocates.

We recently introduced two channels to Google Developers Online, under the ChromeOS section: #everything-chromeos and #chromeos-announcements.

Connect with other devs on #everything-chromeos

In #everything-chromeos, you can ask questions and get advice from other ChromeOS developers and Developer Advocates. Find out what ChromeOS can do—and explore a diverse development community that includes web dev and PWAs, Android, Flutter, and more. Whether you want to develop games on ChromeOS, experiment with Linux and Crostini, or publish your app on Google Play, #everything-chromeos is the place to start the conversation.

Quick access to news and updates

Moving forward, #chromeos-announcements will provide a feed of essential information and news regarding ChromeOS. Discover newly released features on the platform—and insights into how developers are using ChromeOS to reach new audiences and serve their existing users.

Join our community of ChromeOS devs today

We hope that our newly-launched Discord channels will help foster communication and creativity throughout the ChromeOS developer community. Join the conversation at #everything-chromeos today.