Virtual desks

ChromeOS allows you to have multiple virtual desktops (desks) on your machine. With this, you can have a terminal running on one virtual desk, your favorite IDE on another, and the Chrome browser running in a third. Virtual desks let your organize your work into multiple virtual spaces and quickly jump between, keeping your focused and productive.

To create a new virtual desk, start by either swipe up on the touchpad with three fingers or press the Show windows []|| key on the top row of your keyboard to show an overview of all of the windows on your current desk. In the upper-right corner, there is a button, “+ New Desk”, that when clicked will create a new virtual desk. When you have more than one desk, you can drag windows from your current desk to the other virtual desks that have been created.

In the show windows view, click on "+ New Desk" in the upper right hand corner to create a new virtual desk.

You can also manipulate virtual desks and using keyboard shortcuts. search+shift++ will create a new virtual desk, and search+shift+- will remove the current virtual desk. To move between desks, use search+[ or search+] top move left or right one desk, respectively. Finally, search+shift+[ or search+shift+] will move the current active window to the virtual desk to the left or the right, respectively, of the current desk.

For further documentation, check out the Chromebook help page on virtual desks⁠.