Access remote computers

Often while developing you’ll need to access remote computers to perform tasks, like fixing something on a server or accessing files on an office desktop. While you can search for apps in the Google Play Store to do this, there are a number of Chrome OS and Google provided ways of doing so, too.


Secure Shell connections, SSH for short, is a common secure protocol used for accessing devices over a network. With Linux available in Chrome OS, you have access to a large selection of Linux tools for working with SSH. Google also offers a Secure Shell Chrome extensionthat provides SSH and SFTP support. Once the extension is installed, you can open it by searching for “Secure Shell App” in your launcher.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to remotely access your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer from your Chrome OS device. On the machine you want to remotely access, open Chrome Remote Desktopin the Chrome browser and follow the instructions under “Set up Remote Access” to download and install the software setup the remote device. Then on your host Chrome OS device, open Chrome Remote Desktopagain in the Chrome browser and select “Access” to choose which computer you would like to remotely access. You should see the remote device you just set up under “Remote devices”. Enter the appropriate PIN and connect.

Learn more about using Chrome Remote Desktop on your Chrome OS devicelike sharing your Chromebook with someone else.