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Monetizing web apps in Google Play

Getting your app discovered and streamlining payments go hand in hand to successfully monetize your creations. We’re excited to announce that both steps are now easier than ever. As of ChromeOS 90, Google Play on Chromebooks and the Digital Goods API⁠ are open to all Progressive Web App (PWA) developers.

Since we introduced Google Play to ChromeOS⁠ in 2016, it’s become a destination for users to find the best apps and software for their devices. In the past year, Chromebook sales have grown by 85% while app usage on Chromebooks has increased by 190%.

Growth of ChromeOS sales and app usage

Now, PWA developers can use Trusted Web Activity⁠ to reach this growing audience. By showing up in curated collections and recommendations on Google Play, PWAs are easier to discover on a wider variety of devices and users get to enjoy the app experience they love, powered by Chrome.

If a PWA accepts payments, developers can use the Digital Goods API with Google Play⁠ to manage in-app payments and subscriptions using over 290 forms of payment across more than 150 countries. This API makes monetization simpler on both sides — developers can accept in-app payments and subscriptions with a single click, and users follow a familiar, trusted Google Play billing flow, with the ability to save credits or payment information. Plus, developers can reach and retain more users by taking advantage of Google Play’s trials, promotions, and the ability to pause or restore a subscription.

We’ve already seen a great response to early PWAs in Google Play⁠ on Chromebooks, from social media apps like Pinterest and video conferencing apps like Houseparty and Jitsi Meet to powerful video editors like Clipchamp⁠. “Integrating Google Play billing with the Clipchamp video editor app was simple using the new Digital Goods API,” said ClipChamp’s Ryan Wolski . “The API is clean and provides an intuitive way to query Google Play products and complete in-app purchases.”

For more information, check out our session on how to list your PWA in Google Play⁠ as well as our session on using the Digital Goods API⁠.

Google Play is open for PWA business — we can’t wait to see what web developers have in store!